NK - where is everybody?

The Suarez Family somerled at mciworld.com
Fri Jul 16 11:52:53 PDT 1999

Some of us had NONE to drink! We're here. I am searching the Web...yet
again....my hubby and I are still doing research to decide on personas. He
is leaning towards Wales 12-1300ish I think. But then I also think that is
JUST cause his name was used then (Gareth) and so he can use it. Hmph. I am
looking pretty hard at Branwyn and Ariana as possible first name choices if
we go with that time frame. But as for where or how to come up with last
name (s)...I am clueless! Oh wait, I'm like that over all of this stuff! =)
I should go by "Tadpole" until I grow up some SCA-wise. j/k LOL! So who all
is going to the newcomers meeting??? I am still trying to put names with
faces. Who was who at the revel that I didn't meet??
(Not you, Merrick, I know who YOU are...<grin>)

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