NK - Rapier Combat

jeff fitzpatrick don.donovan at worldnet.att.net
Sat Jul 17 12:19:58 PDT 1999

Ok, I will jump in now. I have been trying to watch the list on this topic
the best I can will doing 600 other things. My questions are as folows,
being the N. regional of rapier combat I am very curious where some of the
information on SCA injuries and blade breaks is coming from so I know if the
sources are valid or just urban legend. From that information I can better
undrstand exactly what is being talked about. As for if there where a
fatality in SCA rapier combat would it be disallowed? that is a tough one to
answer. If it happened in this kingdom I know our marshals would invetigate.
Yes there could be temporray hold but on combat till the answer cmae out but
I doubt it. You must remember that rapier style combat started in Ansteorra
and we have done it for nearly as long as we have been a kingdom. As for the
Society Marshallat and the board of directors that could be a very different
story. I KNOW from personal experience that some of the board members ply in
kingdoms that do not allow Rapier combat and see no need for it and might
just as good reason use a death to shut down the headache of rapier combat.
Just like I said my 2 cents worth.
Don Donovan Fitzpatrick

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