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Subject: A message to all of his friends
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This morning a Valkyrie collected the good Cormac Mac Cumail, as befits
poet of his stature.  His bench in Braggi's hall as been prepared.
In the words of his own masterpiece:

In darkened corner of Valhal            There sits a man, not grizzled
The hook is gone that pained his arm    His hand restored by Odin's
And blood-haired Molly serves him still And cuts his meat as 'fore
And sits with him when day is done      Her feather cloak is Freya's

His Lady Wife has asked that no flowers be sent.  The two greatest
of pride in his life were the SCA, and the James A. Reed Wildlife
It is requested that donations be sent to the refuge.
His Funeral will be this Friday, plans are being made now.  I will pass
what information I can as soon as I can.
At his request, I shall find some time and place to hold his wake, as he
requested.  There will be no ceremony at this time, no invocations, and
speeches.  He wanted an Irish wake,  when all of his friends could get
together and drink his soul to Valhalla or whatever summerland they
It seems appropriate.
If you will excuse me now, I need a drink.

 Herra-Domr Mikal the Ram---An Annoying Bard of No Redeeming Qualities
__________________ jshewkc at pei.edu__________________________

              " Hear me Lodafnir          You should listen and learn
               Learn for the strength it will lend
               Follow this verse           It will take you further!
               A valiant friend              Is of great value
               Visit him often and well
               Tall grass will grow        The thistles and tares
                On a trail that nobody takes."
                                   -The Hamaval, stanza 119
                                     (translation mine)

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