NK - Armoring tools for sale

England, Dennis E Dennis.England at med.va.gov
Tue Jul 27 14:05:31 PDT 1999

Hi All, Balvin here (you all thought I was dead didn't you),

I have a couple of quality armoring tools i would like to sell at a
reasonable price.
They are:

B2 Beverly Shear, this shear has barely been used and is mounted on a solid
bar-stock tripod stand.  It is in very good condition and will cut fairly
complex curves in up to 12g. mild steel.  $200

Large Roper hand punch, this punch will make a 1/4" hole in quarter inch
steel.  It was bought new and has barely been used.  Also it has 12" throat
which means you can punch holes or slots in face plates.  I have a selection
of punches, riveting sizes and larger, which will go with it.  $200

These are very reasonable prices on these tools and I need cash money.  I
know they went for around $400 each when they were new just a few years ago.
Friday after work I am going out of town for about 10days and would like
very much to sell them before then.  I would take less if someone wanted to
buy both.
If you would like to talk about them you can call me at 712-2076 or e-mail.
I would recommend calling as our server here often holds things for a day or
so before I get it.  Thanks for letting me take up some of your time.


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