[Re: NK - Bard Cooking - Oh Yeah?]

Eire Web eireweb at usa.net
Tue Jul 27 19:52:28 PDT 1999

Your Excellency, the reason you haven't figured out the recipe for heralds
yet is because you are working on that misleading "Extra Crispy".  We're
"Seven Herbs and Spices" cooking.  You just have to figure out which herbs
and which spices before you can cook us.

Seigneur Etienne

Actually,I find it depends on the type of herald. The Northern Ansteorran
Early Morning Herald is best cooked after an all day marinade. So remember,
the next time you hear "Ohyeah, ohyeah" shortly after dawn - bludgeon it
quickly, coat it in a nice honey glaze or other marinade, and put it in the
cooler to sit until later that evening when you are fully awake.


That which does not kill us will,more than likely,maim us for life and leave
deep emotional scars.

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