NK - needing a contact in Tulsa - you got it!

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Tue Jul 27 20:18:39 PDT 1999

Certainly glad to have you - sorry it is so far for you to come, and we 
understand. Please contact our chronicler,  Lady Kelandra Carmichael at : 
chronicler at northkeep.ansteorra.org, and see about getting a subscription to 
the "Saga", which is the local monthly magazine. I think this would be money 
well spent, since it will keep you up to date on local stuff, and it is a 
bargain which we can mail to you. Also, on a larger scale, a paid membership 
will bring you the "Black Star", which will fill you in on kingdom events, 
around the area.

If you can get away on weekends, we do have fighter practice at Woodward Park 
on most Saturday mornings, if the weather is not to scalding, or there is not 
a local event going on. I would check ahead if you are planning to come into 
"T" town, and ask the Knight Marshall, Lord Marrock , if they are going to be 
there  for sure, each time you can make it. - contact him at: 
knightmarshal at northkeep.ansteorra.org.

The Saga will have all kinds of meetings and upcoming goings on posted on the 
front page, so you can stay informed.
One thing to note: If you are not a veteran, but a newcomer, we are having a 
newcomers class on Friday evening, August 13th, at 7:30  If you think you can 
make it, please let me know - even if you end up coming late, we'd like to 
have you start off on the right foot, with good information. It will be at my 
house and I will give directions, etc.
 Only difficulty is, I will need to know BY THIS FRIDAY - I am currently 
using my daughter's computer, and she goes back to school this weekend. My 
computer is being overhauled, and will not be back for possibly another 3 
weeks after this week, so please give a holler soon!
Thanks for checking in with us - no fairer barony exist than bonny Northkeep!

Hospitaller - 918-250-7877

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