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As of yet no Info  on the Wake. -- Tristan

For those who are interested, the following information:
Funeral for David Q. Reed  -  AKA Cormac MacCumail

        D.W. Newcomer's & Son's - Steine & McClure
        3235 Gillham Plaza
        Kansas City, MO

        Visitation - Thur. July 29
        5:30 - 7 PM

        Funeral - Fri. July 30
        10:00 am

Once again, the family has asked no flowers be sent.  Donations to the
James A. Reed Memorial Conservation Area are requested.  Address:
13101 SE Ranson Rd
KCMO  64063

Phone:  (816)  524-1656

I would appreciate any and all who can spread this information to do so.
This has been a particularly difficult time.


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