NK - Toy Tourney

Marc Carlson marc-carlson at utulsa.edu
Fri Jul 2 08:26:40 PDT 1999

>I'll agree with you that perception is a major part of the problem.  
>For example those who claimed SCA funds were used to buy the toys.  Did
>anyone counter with the fact that, IIRC, the largest contributor from
>our group used the proceeds from a tavern they ran to raise the funding?

I don't know if there's really any way to counter these beliefs.  Sure, we
can tell people the truth about the fundraising, but we've already been 
doing that and the perceptions remain.

It's not fair, certainly, but life isn't always.

>But that's just as bad a malfunction on the part of those who stay
>away.  "You don't play fair so I'll just take my toys and go home."  
>The end result is less fun for everyone.  Fun reducers = BAD, Fun
>enhancers = GOOD.  

Pretty much.  And once people start getting hurt feelings, things can just
continue.  I mean, obviously some people around here (at the very least
I heard at Populace and who've written here) are resentful of the implications
of what's been said elsewhere about Northkeep.  That's entirely
We can't do anything to change hurt feelings and resentments, but we can do
look at our own, and see if we want that to effect how we interact with the
other groups.

>I don't know that it's MORE fair.  It still prevents those who cannot
>afford the toys from participating.  AND, there is nothing to prevent a
>group from forming a pool of toys, and then asking everybody who's going
>how many they'll need to enter into all the things they want to do.  The
>thing is...  People who want to win will find a way to do so.  And those
>who try to legislate a group out only generate more resentment rather
>than fixing it.  

I don't know that I can agree with that, in this case, but that's ok.  The
last time I checked agreement was not always required :)

>There's no reason it should be anonymous.  My understanding was that the
>donations went to a local organization.  If NK populous want to donate
>in the name of the Barony that's fine.  And the Barony should get the
>recognition as a contributing neighborhood organization.  It lets the
>public know that this is an involved civic group.  And, this has no
>effect on our standing with our _SCA_ neighbors.   What they are
>grousing about is the _SCA_ display of such involvement.

Anonymous in the SCA then.

>Finally, people will believe what they want of each of us regardless of
>reality.  There are those who live to find fault with others.   Don't
>let someone else dictate your ability to enjoy yourself.

I don't.  I was just answering a question :)


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