NK - uniting the combatants

Kevin Mayfield weapons at masweapons.com
Thu Jul 15 01:02:51 PDT 1999

weapons at masweapons.com wrote:

First let me say ATYC was a blast.I haven't seen such ansteorran pride
in along time.
Second, there was alot of donated poweraid mix left over from ATYC.
Since I was waterbearing during the King's Champion list and closing
court and stayed to help clean up I was asked to distribute throughout
the northern region some poweraid mix. I have Two cases of the mix for
the barony. I will be delivering the mix at the up coming populas

Now to the Discusion.Over the last year I have been discussing with both
Civalric and rapier fighters on how do we, as a whole, bring a closer
working relation between the two combative groups. Case in point I was
waterbearing during the King's Champion list. I was helping fighters in
and out of the armor.I as a rapier fighter was suporting the chivalric.

I am not saying it does not work the other way because it does.My
question is how else can the two camps become closer. How else can I,a
rapier fighter, support the chivalrics?

Ld. Yoshiie
Cadet to Don Navarre

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