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The Suarez Family somerled at mciworld.com
Fri Jul 23 14:22:07 PDT 1999

> what is heraldic commenting and can anyone attend?


 I think this is an excellent question and I was wondering it myself. I was
also wondering if just anyone could attend the meeting Monday night or do
you have to be an actual member? What about the rules for attending the
heraldic commenting or the dance & music before the meeting on Monday. Looks
like there are a lot of us newbies all of a sudden! <grin> My family would
also be interested in the newcomers/basics class when you get the details
ironed out on that. To tell you all a bit about us, mundanely we are Gareth
and Janece and our 3 children (Stonie age 14, Christopher age 12 and Caitlin
age 2). We are all very interested in all aspects of life in the Middles
Ages. Gareth has the gift of song and I am adequate with a needle. We
homeschool the children. We have a HUGE variety of mundane hobbies not
limited to but including: reading, fantasy, rpg, painting, Warhammer,
history, needlework/sewing, archery, Ren faires, music and herbalism. We
attended the demonstration at Barnes and Nobles the other day. (Hurrah for
the terrific trio who talked to those kids!) For anyone who has lived here
awhile, you may know me (Janece) as I worked at Starbase 21 up until about 3
years ago. I met a lot of cool people from all walks of life during my years
there. <grin> At any rate we are excited about meeting everyone and learning
as much as we can!
 So someone help point the newbies in the right direction, please? <smile>

Thank you!!
Janece and Gareth

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