NK - Heraldic Commenting what is?

Darin K. Herndon darin-herndon at utulsa.edu
Fri Jul 23 18:24:50 PDT 1999

>what is heraldic commenting and can anyone attend?

Heraldic commenting is where we (members of Northkeep) review names and
devices (arms) that have been submitted to kingdom.  We then send our
comments on the good or bad points of those names/devices to kingdom.
Kingdom reviews all of the commentary received before returning or passing
the names.

Anyone is welcome to attend.  If you are planning to submit a name or
device, and have not been in the SCA for awhile, commenting parties give
you a good opportunity to see how names and devices are judged and conflict

Seigneur Etienne de St. Amaranth
Herald for the Barony of Northkeep

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