NK - Snippings and Snickers

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Sat Jul 24 14:09:27 PDT 1999

from some of the posts I've been reading:
>(I like Heralds almost as much as Bards, especially fried with honey

Certainly, variety is the spice of life... I like Heralds lightly
served with a mushroom garnish....Bards, are more like carp, there's no
way to fix them...


Haven't you heard, Piotr, that carp are supposed to be palatable if
pressure-cooked to dissolve the small bones in them?.....

return to snippage

It is just that there's something *wrong* with someone who likes getting
before everyone, strolling thru the camp and yelling things like: (this
is a
quote, but fortunately for Auntie Em not from him!)

Wakey Wakey Wakey....

Who did that, then? It sounds hilarious! Did it go over well with the
populace it was addressed to?


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