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Darin K. Herndon darin-herndon at utulsa.edu
Wed Jul 28 16:14:25 PDT 1999

Your original note said, in part:
>Thanks Zahava,
>So, just to make sure I understand better.
>I show up at an event w/ lets say a cross stitch picture and just go to the
>appropiate area and enter it.

I would look for a little more detail before showing up to the event.  If
you pay SCA membership fees then you will get the kingdom newsletter.  The
"Black Star" (our kingdom's newsletter) frequently includes in the ads for
the different events if there are special themes or rules for the
competitions.  At the least, it includes contact information for those
running the event and you can mail, email, or call and ask.

I write this to you because it would be disappointing to show up at an
event, with no foreknowledge, and find that the A&S competition event has a
theme of "wheat in any medium".  Wastelands uses that theme frequently.  Or
to go to Elfsea and find on site a theme based on seashells.

Seigneur Etienne

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