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now see, no one said anything about themes.
I have sent in our memberships at the earlier part of this month, so it may
be later next month before i receive anything back.  Looking forward to it
though.  I think it's going to be hard to live w/o my black star. :)

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> Your original note said, in part:
> >Thanks Zahava,
> >
> >So, just to make sure I understand better.
> >I show up at an event w/ lets say a cross stitch picture and just go to
> the
> >appropiate area and enter it.
> I would look for a little more detail before showing up to the event.  If
> you pay SCA membership fees then you will get the kingdom newsletter.  The
> "Black Star" (our kingdom's newsletter) frequently includes in the ads for
> the different events if there are special themes or rules for the
> competitions.  At the least, it includes contact information for those
> running the event and you can mail, email, or call and ask.
> I write this to you because it would be disappointing to show up at an
> event, with no foreknowledge, and find that the A&S competition event has
> a
> theme of "wheat in any medium".  Wastelands uses that theme frequently.
> Or
> to go to Elfsea and find on site a theme based on seashells.
> Seigneur Etienne

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