NK - Gulf War Prep

Sigen3 at aol.com Sigen3 at aol.com
Thu Jun 3 16:27:07 PDT 1999

Greetings to the list!

I would like to pass along a friendly challenge from our fellow Ansteorrans in
the south.

Baroness Neassa from Stargate writes:

some snippage here:
<<We are also forming a melee unit, complete with matching livery and
Sir Alexis, being the most vocal member of
the group (I never thought I would find someone who could talk more than
me...) has already been issueing challenges to other organized units
such as the Northkeep/Moonshadow Unit, and our first appearance will be
Fall Melees.>>

So what do you say guys?  Regional practices until Fall Melees, then go
whup em?  (All in the name of good clean fun of course...NO Regional Wars or
anything like that)

Sounds like something right up our alley, and loads of fun to boot.  All of 
guys who love to melee, lets get after it!


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