NK - Gulf War Prep

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Thu Jun 3 22:57:07 PDT 1999

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<< Baroness Neassa from Stargate writes:
... issueing challenges to other organized units
 such as the Northkeep/Moonshadow Unit, and our first appearance will be
 Fall Melees.>>
 So what do you say guys?  Regional practices until Fall Melees, then go
 whup em?  (All in the name of good clean fun of course...NO Regional Wars or
 anything like that)

Hey sounds great, and I'm all for it.  But how about a regional war too?  I 
think nothing quite says you care like flowers, or a regional war!

(Who thinks Nkeep should conquer ourselves a little bit "living room", to 
heck with those postal zones!)

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