NK - Virus and Apologies- Oh??

I. Marc Carlson LIB_IMC at centum.utulsa.edu
Thu Jun 24 20:49:48 PDT 1999

<Anawyn at aol.com>
>O.K., O.K.,  Diarmaid, so I'm needy...what kinda virus setup ya got? Geez, 
>anything has got to beat MacAfee. LARGE mistake - we would've sunk into the 
>computer quagmire if it weren't for Marrock saving the day. Go ahead, be a 
>smartass and tell me why you are so veryviruscool.

Why no, you misunderstand.  VMS is the mailing system here on the centum.
I do my mail the old fashioned way, logged onto the mainframe.  It can not
be screwed by such viruses since it simply takes most attachments and gives
them to me in their UUEncoded form.  If I down load them to the Eudora on
my desk, I have to rely on the latest Macafee like everyone else.  Talk to 
Marrock about what HE uses since it caught it :)


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