NK - Virus\Apologies

Merrik Viltar Har Marrock at msn.com
Fri Jun 25 09:57:27 PDT 1999

Norton Anti Virus, with monthly updates to the known virus library.

If an attachment appears from an absolute stranger, I will transfer that
attachment to a "secure computer", i.e., another system NOT attached to the
home network, and see what happens on a computer that doesn't have any
important information or programs, so it can easily be "disinfected" without
having to worry about interrupting daily operations. And if I didn't have
the other computer "test taster", I would simply delete attachments from
absolute strangers...

As a computer science student, and a member of society with some form of
social contract, I can't let you install "MY" copy of Norton Anti Virus to
your system, but I will help "as best I can" any individual who purchases
their own copy of which ever anti virus program they wish install said
software onto their system and show them how to make it work. (pizza and
beer accepted, not required).


p.s. course if any one knows of a "quote" money making operation who needs
assistance, please don't hesitate to tell them you know someone who charges
some completely unacceptable per hour price for fixing systems.

: <Anawyn at aol.com>
: >O.K., O.K.,  Diarmaid, so I'm needy...what kinda virus setup ya got?
: >anything has got to beat MacAfee. LARGE mistake - we would've sunk into
: >computer quagmire if it weren't for Marrock saving the day. Go ahead, be
: >smartass and tell me why you are so veryviruscool.
: Marc/Diarmaid
: Why no, you misunderstand.  VMS is the mailing system here on the centum.
: I do my mail the old fashioned way, logged onto the mainframe.  It can not
: be screwed by such viruses since it simply takes most attachments and
: them to me in their UUEncoded form.  If I down load them to the Eudora on
: my desk, I have to rely on the latest Macafee like everyone else.  Talk to
: Marrock about what HE uses since it caught it :)

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