NK - Virus\Apologies

Jerry Herring herring at viagrafix.net
Tue Jun 29 21:24:52 PDT 1999

If you go to www.mcafee.com you can get a free evaluation copy of their
latest virus program to use for 30 days.  It of course only tells you if you
have a virus it won't clean it. (I found it at work and am using it there)

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> Norton Anti Virus, with monthly updates to the known virus library.
> If an attachment appears from an absolute stranger, I will transfer that
> attachment to a "secure computer", i.e., another system NOT
> attached to the
> home network, and see what happens on a computer that doesn't have any
> important information or programs, so it can easily be
> "disinfected" without
> having to worry about interrupting daily operations. And if I didn't have
> the other computer "test taster", I would simply delete attachments from
> absolute strangers...
> As a computer science student, and a member of society with some form of
> social contract, I can't let you install "MY" copy of Norton Anti Virus to
> your system, but I will help "as best I can" any individual who purchases
> their own copy of which ever anti virus program they wish install said
> software onto their system and show them how to make it work. (pizza and
> beer accepted, not required).
> Merrik
> p.s. course if any one knows of a "quote" money making operation who needs
> assistance, please don't hesitate to tell them you know someone
> who charges
> some completely unacceptable per hour price for fixing systems.
> : <Anawyn at aol.com>
> : >O.K., O.K.,  Diarmaid, so I'm needy...what kinda virus setup ya got?
> Geez,
> : >anything has got to beat MacAfee. LARGE mistake - we would've sunk into
> the
> : >computer quagmire if it weren't for Marrock saving the day. Go
> ahead, be
> a
> : >smartass and tell me why you are so veryviruscool.
> : Marc/Diarmaid
> : Why no, you misunderstand.  VMS is the mailing system here on
> the centum.
> : I do my mail the old fashioned way, logged onto the mainframe.
> It can not
> : be screwed by such viruses since it simply takes most attachments and
> gives
> : them to me in their UUEncoded form.  If I down load them to the
> Eudora on
> : my desk, I have to rely on the latest Macafee like everyone
> else.  Talk to
> : Marrock about what HE uses since it caught it :)

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