NK -Zahava, it is a different page.

Tony And Catherine Lackey catan at webzone.net
Mon Oct 4 17:09:41 PDT 1999

Anawyn at aol.com wrote:
> This is really strange - I looked back to my original site to see if I had
> imput the location info wrong, because when I type it in, I can't pull it up.
> Got this off the Rialto - went back there, and the address I wrote down is
> absolutely correct.  But, if I click onto the adress, which is attached to
> the missive, it pulls right up - how is that possible?
>  This is a different site from the one you mentioned .- the full address
> showing at the top when the page comes up is:
> http:members.tripod.com/adm/popup/roadmap.shtml?939170356970
> Try that one, if you are having difficulty and see if that works - it is
> worth checking out.
> Anawyn

	This is the main site of Ioseph of Locksley, (in)famous bard and
Brother of the Great Dark Horde.  He has many, many subsites devoted to
various interests, related or not to the Horde.  Check them out but
there is so much great stuff, you can spend a loooong time there.
	Hordely yours,

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