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The Lady Laron laron at mmind.net
Sun Oct 10 14:56:13 PDT 1999

To those of you who regulate this list...

Mornin everyone, I have a question for the manager of the list.  Where did you get your software from???  I'm in need of a mailing list. . . and I need a server, pleaaaase mail me back at ... 
laron at mmind.net

Thanks for the patience. . sorry for the waste of space...

Unmercilessly we will take you
                      away to slumber
        But only if you can recite
                Avogadro's number
                    Now crawl on by
           A fake tear in your eye
                               and think,
                 wasn't he strange?
-"World Coming Down"   
              Who Will Save The Sane?
Type O Negative

~~For all who seek sanctuary, come visit my hallowed place.~~

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