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Tony And Catherine Lackey catan at webzone.net
Sat Oct 9 21:55:00 PDT 1999

Marc Carlson wrote:
> <Tony And Catherine Lackey>:
> >         True, but I had in mind my class in which I dispense cutting >and sewing tips based on T-tunic designs that even the most novice
> >seamster can use.  And with a good block of time, I might even be able
> >to complete an outfit for someone, thus proving "Good Garb in a Day" to
> >be a reachable goal!
> My suggestion, Mistress, was based on similar classes which I know
> were taught at Needleworker's meetings some many years ago in
> Mooneshadowe (I know they were taught in an evening since I taught
> them myself).  Unless I'm mistaken (which is always possible), I don't
> think there are any restrictions on what sort of needlework is done at
> such meetings.
> Granted, it's been a while since I attended one (since the last one I
> attended was at Master William's home).  I assume others have been to
> them more recently than I have.
> Marc/Diarmaid

	No restriction that I know of.  Always good to have classes or
teaching done at Needleworkers' Guild meetings.  Unfortunately, I
haven't been able to attend the meetings in quite a while.  My class was
planned as a supplement to other venues rather than replacing them. 
It's kind of grown by leaps & bounds since my original suggestion.  Who
knows what it will mutate into by the time we actually get around to
holding the class?
				Cutting table and sewing machine 
				At the ready

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