NK - Garb in a day class/Populace/Margrave event

Addington, Debbie, A daaddington at saintfrancis.com
Tue Oct 26 06:29:23 PDT 1999

The easiest way to get to my home is to somehow connect to hwy 66 going to
and through Claremore, till you reach Foyil.  From there follow the signs.
How to recognize my home;  It is a dbl wide gray home w/ rust shutters and
no front porch, leaving a 4 ft drop from the threshold to the ground.  The
entrance is much easier through the back patio.  No fences to keep me in, a
gravel drive and parking is on the east side of my property.

Why don't I have a front porch?  Just never was a priority.  Go figure!

sorry, but I was unable to attend the populace mtg or I would have made the
announcement.  Lets hope someone there did it for me. :/

Look forward to seeing many faces.

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> Folks, I won't be able to attend Populace Meeting tonight.  I seem to
> have picked up a nasty sinus infection (feels rather like the head is
> stuffed with fiberglass) and I've waited all day to get home so
> I can take some high-powered sinus medicine and zone out.  Anton has to
> work an 11-hour day tomorrow starting at 6 AM, so he will be couch-
> potatoing with me.
> 	Despite all that, I feel pretty good and am still on a high from
> the event this weekend.  The list was so much fun, visiting with friends
> was great, and the hospitality of the Rundel folks just can't be beat.
> Those who missed this, missed a good one.  Etienne, I'm glad I didn't
> have to judge that Bardic competition, but you were in stratospheric
> form.  Congrats on your win, much deserved. Also congratulations to the
> winners of the Vormund, Throwing Pointy Things and Margrave lists, who
> were respectively Puck Oneshoe of Mooneschadowe, and our own Magnus
> Finehair Doofus and as new Margrave, His Excellency Hersir Thorgrim.
> Very appropriate.  I still can't believe the curveball Their Exes threw
> me with the Cornerstone at court that night.  Herrin Sigen said a lot of
> nice things about service, but I still suspect they did it so they could
> say "Her Fabulosity" in court.
> 	With all this, I'd love to be there still enjoying the glow. But
> after missing two days of work last week with the flu, I'd better be
> cautious.  Which brings me to my next purpose...The Garb in a Day will 
> be held Saturday Oct. 30th at Maidenhair's home in Foyil.  A map and 
> directions should be available in the Saga and at Populace.  Could
> Maidenhair make the announcement at the meeting tonight to reach all
> those who are not e-connected who might wish to attend?  And if I could
> get directions too! via email sometime this week.  I envision starting
> sometime around noon and invite everyone to bring fabric/sewing machines
> that want to work on garb.  It's over when we get tired of it or
> Maidenhair gets tired of us, whichever comes first.
> 	Thanks for the assist.
> 					Catrin
> 					Snuffling mightily
> 					(and maybe a little misty-eyed)

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