NK - TEXTILE VIKINGS...they shall sail again!

Anawyn@aol.com Anawyn at aol.com
Tue Aug 8 20:07:58 PDT 2000

Whilst splashing around in the "fjord" this weekend, my companions and I came 
to the conclusion that it was probably time to set sail for a cloth raid once 
again. We felt that the festival, known as Labor Day, would be a good time to 
spring upon the unsuspecting textile merchants. It has also come to our 
attention, that there is a new location for us to despoil, a place belonging 
to one "JoAnn", at 41st and Yale, as the crow flies.
We shall also require sustenance on our journey, so be thinking which at 
tavern we would enjoy bringing the occupants to fear and trembling, as we 
regale our deeds over a tankard of  good tea. 
Because we are an equal opportunity band of warriors, men of a matriarchal 
inclination, are also welcome. If you are man enough to survive in an 
estrogen rich atmosphere, come join us!
The day will be upon us soon, so trim your sails, repair your sestets, and 
get ready for action. The Saga continues.....DRAPE AND PILLAGE, DRAPE AND 
Your Comrade In Plunder,
Yardegud, Textile Viking

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