NK - McClure park or what a good time

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Okay, am I chopped liver!!!!!

who was there too

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<< Greetings unto the greatest Barony in the known world,
     I would first like to say thank you for all of the responses and for
 those of you who could make fighter practice thank you as well.  I had a
 blast and so did Terick(my son). It was well worth the drive to fight men of
 such worth as Edmond HE Thorgrim and Northern Regionial Warlord Wiggan. Don
 Donnavon it was great to see you and you fought well.  Also a speciel thanks
 to Jean Paul and Bjorn from Mooneschadowe.  I had a blast and the dinner
 discussion was excellent at IHOP.  To be inspired by the two beutiful ladies
 Susan the Curious and Lady Aisling was a treat beyond measure. Once thank
 you to all that came out. Baulsac where were ya man I so wanted to continue
 your florentine fighting to see if you absorbed anything from NRW oh well
 maybe at Guardian.
 Lord Owen ap Aeddan
 Canton of Rundel >>

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