NK - McClure park or what a good time

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To the fantastic and ever patient Faolan,

Whose glorious presence blinded my feeble eyes such that I was unable to
fathom how I would be so lucky as to have you there for fighter practice.
Thank you for reminding my easily befuddled Welsh mind.  In hopes that I may
see you at the Northern Regionial War practice. In Mooneschadowe or Guardian
later this month.

Owen ap Aeddan.......
Canton of Rundel
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> Okay, am I chopped liver!!!!!
> Faolan
> who was there too
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> << Greetings unto the greatest Barony in the known world,
>      I would first like to say thank you for all of the responses and for
>  those of you who could make fighter practice thank you as well.  I had a
>  blast and so did Terick(my son). It was well worth the drive to fight men
>  such worth as Edmond HE Thorgrim and Northern Regionial Warlord Wiggan.
>  Donnavon it was great to see you and you fought well.  Also a speciel
>  to Jean Paul and Bjorn from Mooneschadowe.  I had a blast and the dinner
>  discussion was excellent at IHOP.  To be inspired by the two beutiful
>  Susan the Curious and Lady Aisling was a treat beyond measure. Once thank
>  you to all that came out. Baulsac where were ya man I so wanted to
>  your florentine fighting to see if you absorbed anything from NRW oh well
>  maybe at Guardian.
>  Lord Owen ap Aeddan
>  Canton of Rundel >>

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