NK - OT Interesting evening.......

FalanMacF@aol.com FalanMacF at aol.com
Sun Aug 20 16:03:38 PDT 2000

Belle - glad to know everyone is alright & would of said something at 
officers but hadnt checked my email yet.  I wont be able to help w/ 
Moonshadow but let me know if you want transporation to Wednesday fighter 
practice or populous. 


In a message dated 08/19/2000 9:01:44 PM Central Daylight Time, 
ly_isabela at yahoo.com writes:

<< Well!  This has certainly been an exciting eveningl.  
 My Dad's car just burned up. and it was rather close to the house when
 it did so.  Everyone is okay.  The vehicle however is NOT.  My father
 tried to fight the fire on his own, trying to keep it from spreading to
 the house.  This is a very dangerous thing to do, so, PLEASE never do
 this!  The fire dept. came and put the fire out.  There may be some
 smoke damage to the house but that is all.  The inside is rather smoky
 as well.  This is going to make for some rather interesting
 transportation scenarios for a while so, if you don't see us for
 awhile, that's why.

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