NK - Fighter Practice

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Sun Aug 20 16:14:26 PDT 2000

Also, thank you for Susan, Gailwynn, Laura (Lucan's lady) & Ren for being 
there & supporting us.


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<<    Several rapier fighters attended fighter practice yesterday and we all
 had a great time.  Thanks to Therese, Lucan, Donavin, Zahava, Facon, Gunny,
 Faolan, and the other guy--whose name I'm afraid to even try and spell
 because I will get it really wrong.
     I along with several others in the barony have noticed a drop in fighter
 practice attendance, in three weeks we will be out again for fighter
 practice, (Most of us are attending Moonschadowe Guardian and Weisenfeuer
 Baronial the next two weekends) and would love to have more fighters to play
 Hope to see everyone at Guardian, Weisenfeuer, and fighter practice over the
 next three weeks! :)
 Sporting only one healthy bruise from yesterday's activities,

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