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yes it does, but not necessarily in the eyes of Baulsac.  You remember being
18 at one time, dont you?   he wants to look Kewl.!!!
also being 18, means that he isnt about to think ahead, only focusing on the
here and now.

i tried to explain to him that a blow from the top could make a blue and
black color, but he says that doesnt really happen often and it would never
happen to him.  perhaps a demonstration would help?  

*i see a line forming*  

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> As long as the three points of the knee are covered with appropriately
> padded, rigid enough material, it be legal.
> It sounds like something that Duke Michael wears, straps to the calf or
> shoe\boot, and extends up and around the knee.  It always looked like a
> thrust shot could come directly down onto the top of a bent legs knee (not
> the forward point), but the rules don't specify the "top" of a bended
> knee.
> The rules specify the three points of the knee, left, right, and center,
> looking straight at an unbent leg.
> Does that make the gray a different color?
> M
> > these go from the ankle up past the knee.

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