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Hmmm.... one of Hilde's squires (Stephan, inactive) also wears a device 
like this, and is pretty happy with its protection.

As far as a blow from the top, sure a FREAK shot would bruise him, but 
unless a freak shot with a broken tip came in (i.e. unpadded rattan) it 
probably wouldn't do any permanent damage.... :)

btw, I think it looks kinda cool too....


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On Thursday, August 24, 2000 12:18 PM, Addington, Debbie, A 
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> yes it does, but not necessarily in the eyes of Baulsac.  You remember 
> 18 at one time, dont you?   he wants to look Kewl.!!!
> also being 18, means that he isnt about to think ahead, only focusing on 
> here and now.
> i tried to explain to him that a blow from the top could make a blue and
> black color, but he says that doesnt really happen often and it would 
> happen to him.  perhaps a demonstration would help?
> *i see a line forming*
> maidenhair
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> > As long as the three points of the knee are covered with appropriately
> > padded, rigid enough material, it be legal.
> > It sounds like something that Duke Michael wears, straps to the calf or
> > shoe\boot, and extends up and around the knee.  It always looked like a
> > thrust shot could come directly down onto the top of a bent legs knee 
> > the forward point), but the rules don't specify the "top" of a bended
> > knee.
> > The rules specify the three points of the knee, left, right, and 
> > looking straight at an unbent leg.
> > Does that make the gray a different color?
> >
> > M
> >
> > > these go from the ankle up past the knee.
> >

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