NK - Mead Bee War

Derryk Carr derrykcarr at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 30 12:00:46 PST 2000

To arms!! To Arms!!

Word has reached us through our spies in the North, that a great Mongol 
horde is prepaing to march upon our northren boundries.
Many of you have heard by now the story of how many of our meade bees have 
either been killed or lost. Though we have tried for many months now to gain 
some recompence form those who sought to deprive us of the very sorce for 
our honey, we have not been able to gain any such repayment. Therefore House 
Wolfstar has taken it into their own interest to stop any future mulistaion 
of our meade bees. So strik the drum, blow the trumpet, gather your troupes. 
Our foe has started marching and we will meet them on the feilds of Camp 

Come let not our meade bees be left undefended.

Long Live the Dream,
and for fun and practice,
Ld. Aldric de Kerr
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