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> Word has reached us through our spies in the North, that a great Mongol 
>  horde is prepaing to march upon our northren boundries.<

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My one-third brother, 
I have just returned from a day of tourney and friendship which His Majesty
and several of us spent with the Calons of Vatavia.I spent some time in
council with TE Khulan and Kerare of Vatavia and they assured me that
they had no interest in Northern Ansteorra or our mead bees.In fact, they
were looking forward to being our allies in the upcoming conflict with
Trimaris.To further validate his statements, Khulan pointed out to me
that the dates set for this "invasion" (which have been established for
better than a year) conflict with the first weekend of Estrella War. It 
would be foolish for them to plan an assault when most of their troops
will be in Atenveldt and unable to support such a foray.  
> Therefore House 
>  Wolfstar has taken it into their own interest to stop any future 
>  of our meade bees. So strik the drum, blow the trumpet, gather your 

While I admire their willingness to protect such a valuable commodity, I
cannot commit the forces of His Majesty's Barony in this action, therefore,
I release the fighters of this Barony to fight for whom they will.

>  Our foe has started marching and we will meet them on the feilds of Camp 
>  Cimarron.
>  Come let not our meade bees be left undefended.
>  Long Live the Dream,
>  and for fun and practice,
>  Ld. Aldric de Kerr

In Service to Barony, Region, and Crown,
                Thorgrim Nordvirk Bjornson
                        Hersir Nordvirk
                     (Baron Northkeep)

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