NK - Please stop this rumor!

RavenOak01 at aol.com RavenOak01 at aol.com
Mon Jan 31 21:10:35 PST 2000

My Lords and Ladies,

    It has come to our Ld. Yoshii Oku Hokumori and my attention that word has 
spread about his possible engagement.  Please tell any and all who say 
anything about this, that under no circumstances is this true.  Yoshii is not 
engaged to anyone and currently is not even dating.  
    It is Yoshii's wish that no one believe or spread further this rumor as 
it could cause him problems in his mundane life and simply that is something 
he does not need.  Once again I have been asked to stress that there is no 
truth to any engagement rumors.   
    I thank you for patience and consideration and your discretion on this 
                In service,
                    Lucan Silverwolf

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