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Wed Jul 5 20:09:10 PDT 2000

If you love honor, glory and some darn good fighting - ya gotta go see 
Patriot. I read an article about the movie in Smithsonian Magazine this 
month. Turns out the Patriot is based on a true story. I don't know how many 
of you remember a Disney series on TV called "Swamp Fox".
 That show was based on the life of one Francis Marion, who fought during the 
Revolutionary War. Through his guerilla tactics, operating mainly out of the 
swamps with his militia band of fighters, he gave the British a lot of grief, 
and they dubbed him The Swamp Fox.  Mel Gibson's character does have a 
different name in the movie, but it certainly lends some credibility to the 
scenes to know that they are taken from the life of a real man.
I know it is out of our time period, but Patriot has some of the best fight 
scenes I can remember ever seeing, and despite being the age of  the musket, 
still has terrific hand to hand combat.
The costuming was so accurate, it brought me to tears. I could not find one 
thing to pick apart (much to my family's relief). This is one you don't want 
to miss - it is a very emotional reminder of what courage is all about. I 
would suggest bringing a couple of tissues too - I promise it will get to ya!
And Wynfrith, I am saving the Smithsonian Magazine for you - I think you will 
enjoy the article.

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