Aline Swynbrook alineswynbrook at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 6 16:11:29 PDT 2000

> If you love honor, glory and some darn good fighting
> - ya gotta go see 
> Patriot. 

*I will agree.  I saw it twice, and walked out with
chills both times.....*

> I know it is out of our time period, but Patriot has
> some of the best fight 
> scenes I can remember ever seeing, and despite being
> the age of  the musket, 
> still has terrific hand to hand combat.

**Haven't enjoyed anything quite like it since
Braveheart and Henry V***

> The costuming was so accurate, it brought me to
> tears. 

*It was a beautiful thing.  I was trying to take
mental notes, thinking of making it my next project
(there goes the antibellum dress......)*

> This is one you don't want 
> to miss - it is a very emotional reminder of what
> courage is all about. 

***Amen!!  Did this list get the Fourth of July
reminder of Courage and Sacrifice??  If you didn't
email me and I will send it to you off list.***

I would suggest bringing a couple of tissues too - I
> promise it will get to ya!

**Please see this movie!!!  It deserves all the praise
it has gotten and none of the criticism.  And it's
being beaten by a disaster movie, for heaven sake.


PS:  If you have dealt with me in the last few days,
and you know who you are, I apologize if I was short. 
Nasty heat, combined with parental annoyance, and
compounded by a small tragedy in my mundane life has
not leftme in good spirits.  Please forgive me.

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