NK - Longitude

Susan O'Neal catmafia at swbell.net
Wed Jul 5 21:51:55 PDT 2000


                    Longitude, starring Jeremy Irons and
                    Michael Gambon, premieres July 9 at
                    8pm/7pm CT
                         wo hundred fifty years ago, countless
                    sea voyages ended in catastrophe because
                    there was no technology to exact a ship's
                    position on the vast ocean. Discovering a way
                    to accurately measure longitude at sea was a
                    top priority. So in 1714, England's Parliament
                    offered a huge reward to seamen and scientists
                    alike. While everyone looked to the stars for
                    navigational guidance, one man saw a different

Out of period, but looks like something many will be interested in.  Sunday 
night at 7pm, I think.


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