NK - Fur question

Anthony Lackey catan at webzone.net
Wed Jul 12 23:57:16 PDT 2000

Well, my toes are definitely unstepped on!  However, the rest of me feels like
it's been hit by a truck!  Going to take my herbal/vitamin supplements and go
back to bed now, hope for a better day tomorrow.


"Langston, David R" wrote:

> No crests this time, maybe next.  and to answer Tim's question, a vorpal
> bunny!  :P  I just wanted a hat for the winter and had read somewhere that
> one of the distinctions of a laurel was a fur trimmed hat.
> trying not to step on our peers toes,
> Wynfrith
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> Gee, that's a new one on me...I don't think the sumptuary laws restrict any
> kind of fur use, on hats or anything else, unless something's changed very
> recently.  So go ahead, wear furry hats!  On helms, though, why not try a
> crested helm?  It was period for dress/display armor use and looks spiffy!
>                                                             Catrin
> "Langston, David R" wrote:
> > I know that one of the marks of a laurel is wearing a fur trimmed hat.  I
> > was thinking about making a dress helm with fur on it...will the
> > fasion/period police hunt me down?
> > Joan of Arc heard voices, too.
> > Wynfrith

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