NK - Fur question

Darin K. Herndon darin-herndon at utulsa.edu
Thu Jul 13 00:08:47 PDT 2000

>I just wanted a hat for the winter and had read somewhere that
>one of the distinctions of a laurel was a fur trimmed hat.
>trying not to step on our peers toes,


To say more than "No", I think I can explain.  Laurels do not have a 
fur cap reserved to them.  If you run across the source again, let me 
see it.  What may have led to the comment that you read though is a 
piece of regalia reserved for Pelicans.  Pelicans have a special type 
of reserved hat called a Chapeu (spelling is suspect).  The Chapeu is 
trimmed in ermine fur but the entire hat is not a fur.  (As an 
interesting point, I have never seen a Chapeu nor one given in a 
Pelican ceremony yet.  I'm sure they are out there though or it 
wouldn't be reserved.)

Different kingdoms have different rules though so be suspect if you 
read an out-of-Ansteorra source.  In some kingdoms, the wearing of 
ermine in any form is reserved for royalty or the royal family or 
peers.  In Ansteorra, you are safe.


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