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Sat Jul 15 23:07:36 PDT 2000

Anawyn announced:

<< I don't know what events you attend, but I have never had the time, and 
 certainly not the inclination, to "bird dog" someone about their clothing.  

A herald 'bird dog' about clothing?  No, that's where LAURELS shine. :P  If 
you are implying that heralds should ignore SUMPTUARY LAWS, OTOH, I'll have 
to say I agree in spirit (as a proper Hordesman) and am pleased to hear a 
kingdomer agree, but more practically I think it's a herald's duty to warn 
people, especially newcomers, if they're likely to get into trouble.  Or, as 
Etienne, Catrin and I did, say there was no problem.  Which doesn't mean that 
Wynfrith wasn't wise to check ahead of time.

<< I don't believe it does any honor to heraldry to paint this kind of a 
picture. >>

There's a difference between Heraldry and the College of Heralds, and an even 
bigger difference between Heraldry and the kind of self-important, puffed-up 
'heralds' I was referring to.  IMNSHO, it is THEY who turn newcomers off the 
study of Heraldry, not those that beard them for their attitude.

<< You can "rag" on the heralds from unknown parts if you so desire, but I 
 prefer not to hear about it in Northkeep. >>

Actually, I have no complaints about any of the heralds in Northkeep.  We 
are, again IMAO, helpful and informative and don't pounce on people for 
errors.  That doesn't mean we ignore things that WILL cause some 
self-important someone to blow belligerant over their privelege being stepped 
on, but we'll warn quietly, politely and privately.  You don't, however, have 
to leave the Northern Region to find the opposite, and that fact gathers 
steam as you go south.
<< Keep The Dream Honorable, >>

My dear Lady, your definition of Honor clearly differs from mine, if you 
think poking at areas of the Society that need improving is either 
dishonorable or brings dishonor to the thing poked at.  We do no honor to 
anyone or anything by ignoring, denying or actively covering its faults, nor 
by losing our sense of humor.  In my view, I can dishonor no one but MYSELF 
with my actions.  Criticism of something or someone ELSE can only IMPROVE 
their Honor, either because upon general examination the criticism is proven 
false or because the person or thing criticised improves under that 
examination.  Honor isn't reputation, and it sure isn't appearance.
Spider Robinson said that there was nothing wrong with the slogan of the 
hardhats that were breaking heads (including his) back in the late Sixties 
("America, love it or leave it") except their refusal to see that the war 
protesters did what they did BECAUSE they loved their country.
I love the study of Heraldry.  That does not blind me to the faults of the 
College, or of certain heralds.  Nor is it likely to bind me to silence about 
them.  You see, that would violate MY definition of Honor.

Kevin, who doesn't use titles among friends.

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