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Anthony Lackey catan at webzone.net
Tue Jul 18 19:55:55 PDT 2000

"Langston, David R" wrote:

> Sorry to start such a heated debate, I was only watching my back, not
> worried about heralds.
> Wynfrith (who would hate to be mistaken for a person of rank)

    Oh, please, let's not have a heated debate this time of year!  Let's save it
for next January when we really need it!
    For "cooling-off" purposes, let me respectfully elucidate: Heralds do not
create sumptuary laws, they just publish them.  Kingdom and Corpora decide what
wearing apparel is "protected", that is, restricted to a particular rank.  I've
never met a herald who showed any inclination to enforce the sumptuary laws, but
since heralds tend to memorize vast amounts of heraldic rules and nomenclature,
they are often consulted as to the latest in the sumptuary and other such
regulations.  Then, they usually (like me) have to consult the latest Kingdom
    For those who care to know, the Kingdom laws of Ansteorra (and other
kingdoms, and Corpora) are available for viewing online.  As well as
informative, they are a sure soporific for the sleep-deprived ;)!
    Wynfrith, whether you are a person of "rank" or not, you are a gentleman.
If we do have a heated debate in these 3-digit temperatures now current, we will
all be pretty "rank" soon and need hosing down!  Much better to stay cool and
never let them see you sweat!

                                                     Also a herald,but can never

                                                    remember anything without
                                                    looking it up

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