NK - I hate to confuse you but - APRIL DEMO - I need some input!

Anawyn at aol.com Anawyn at aol.com
Wed Mar 8 19:28:55 PST 2000

We have been asked to join in, and to help out, a troop in Broken Arrow who 
is preparing for this year's Cub World Theme, "King Arthur's Court", which 
will be held in May at the Zink Scout Ranch.
They have been so generous as to offer to schedule their event around our 
calendar, but have tentatively set it for Sunday afternoon, April 16th. That, 
of course is Crown Tourney weekend. What I need to know is, who will be in 
town on that weekend, and would be willing to assist some eager cub scouts 
with making garb, shields, and accoutrements, for their event? It sounds like 
a lot of fun for us, and a good "deed" toward our scout friends.
Can I have some takers for this one?
If there is a better weekend (yikes, April is so full !) don't hesitate to 
suggest, they are waiting upon our convenience.
Please offer a response,

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