NK - I hate to confuse you but - APRIL DEMO - I need some input!

Miriam Cook zahavabathannah at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 9 08:22:53 PST 2000

That weekend is actually very good for me!  (Just
don't think I'll be up to an event that soon after the
1-2 punch of Gulfwars and TSAQ.) So count my lord
husband, (baby) and I in!

--- Anawyn at aol.com wrote:
> We have been asked to join in, and to help out, a
> troop in Broken Arrow who 
> is preparing for this year's Cub World Theme, "King
> Arthur's Court", which 
> will be held in May at the Zink Scout Ranch.
> They have been so generous as to offer to schedule
> their event around our 
> calendar, but have tentatively set it for Sunday
> afternoon, April 16th. That, 
> of course is Crown Tourney weekend. What I need to
> know is, who will be in 
> town on that weekend, and would be willing to assist
> some eager cub scouts 
> with making garb, shields, and accoutrements, for
> their event? It sounds like 
> a lot of fun for us, and a good "deed" toward our
> scout friends.
> Can I have some takers for this one?
> If there is a better weekend (yikes, April is so
> full !) don't hesitate to 
> suggest, they are waiting upon our convenience.
> Please offer a response,
> Thanks!
> Anawyn
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