NK - Irish Festival

Susan O'Neal shamrock at intcon.net
Tue Mar 14 10:12:05 PST 2000

For those not off to Gulf, there is something in town that should be fun.
We are going to the Irish Festival in Broken Arrow this weekend.  They are
to have a Cedligh on Saturday night and it sounds delightful.  Then on
Saturday they have hedge school running most of the day and I hope I catch
the one on the bodran (spelling and pronounceation I am clueless about).
They are also having different groups playing all day.  Peg will be
celebrating her birthday here, she isn't to the point yet where going to war
is how she wants to celebrate her birthday but I imagine the time will come.

The festival is in Broken Arrow on Main street, I think at their community
building.  They said it would be easy to spot with all the tents out.

Susan the Curious

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