NK - King Arthur Faire 2000

KTMC ktmc at icok.net
Fri Mar 10 01:59:29 PST 2000

   Both the person who originally posted (Robert Mullins) and the person
who started this faire with his wife (David Timmons) are both old
friends of mine from college days (don't hold that against them,
though!) David is a former SCAdian, and was in on the attempt to make a
go of a group in Durant back in the 80's. I'm not sure if Robert was
ever technically a SCAdian or not.
   I spent a few hours two or three months ago talking with David, and
he told me much detail of what had taken place last year, and some of
his plans. It may have been my fault he didn't show up at Winterkingdom
to talk to folks about it (I was supposed to get him the info on it and
didn't get it done.) He has (and likely continues,) to put an enormous
amount of effort into this project. I did not attend last year's Faire,
although I have been told of some of the problems. I believe he or
Robert would be willing to work with people about their concerns. I do
not have time to take part in the preparatory work they are doing, but I
hope things go well for them. 
   It's been a long enough day I don't remember the details, but I seem
to remember us discussing holding a tournament.


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