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Aline Swynbrook alineswynbrook at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 29 21:36:07 PST 2000

Having been down twice in the school trip capacity,
here is my advice:


My first year, as an ARC Freshman, we pulled into the
parking lot, after much rain, which had cleared off,
only to be told it was closed due to mud.  

My second year, mild wetness, but COLD.  I was wearing
a two layer Juliet style gown, and was pretty warm,
but my friend in jeans and a tank top was freezing. 
Luckily, I was in the market for a spring cloak, and
bought one early, so she didn't end up a popsicle.

Just a general note.  No matter what non-garbed friend
tell you, keep your money in a well tested pouch. 
Inner-inner underskirt pockets ARE NOT the safest mode
of money carrier.  TRUST ME ON THIS ONE, I speak from
direct experience.

Good luck to Cat (sp?  I really am bad with that...) I
hope she does well.  I may possibly maybe get to go on
Sunday, but I won't count on it.  It would require my
mother tagging along.  Saturday, I have the Senior
Mother-Daughter Tea, my friends WoHeLo ceremony, and
the psych project from Dante's 9th circle to do.  (Can
you tell I'm thrilled?)

Anyone wanting to kill three hours May 12, Union will
invade the Maybee center and graduate a class of 750+.
 I was going to try to do some sort of garb dress, but
"Senior women must wear a light or white dress,
shorter than the gowns (which are a lovely
pinkish-red), accompanied by nude hose and white
shoes..."  Yippee....

Have fun at Namron though.  I am going to The Castle
in may.  I know the history isn't as good, but I enjoy
the shopping.  BTW: Renaissance magazine is now
available at Barnes and Noble.  Cost, $5.00 dollars.

Have a nice night,

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