NK - Norman

Darin K. Herndon darin-herndon at utulsa.edu
Wed Mar 29 21:59:12 PST 2000

Aline Swynbrook wrote:

>Anyone wanting to kill three hours May 12, Union will
>invade the Maybee center and graduate a class of 750+.
> I was going to try to do some sort of garb dress, but
>"Senior women must wear a light or white dress,
>shorter than the gowns (which are a lovely
>pinkish-red), accompanied by nude hose and white
>shoes..."  Yippee....
You spoke earlier about having to write a paper on Dante's Inferno; your
description of your graduation brings to my mind a vision of a whole new
circle of Hell.  Okay, maybe it's Purgatory; graduation doesn't take an
eternity, it just feels that way.

I'm calling 911 now so the fashion police can beat some sense into your
school administrators.


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