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FalanMacF at aol.com FalanMacF at aol.com
Thu Mar 30 16:04:42 PST 2000

I will second that.. That shoulder is feeling it alot more then the fighting 

In a message dated 03/30/2000 8:24:32 AM Central Standard Time, 
rebecca-heydon at utulsa.edu writes:

<< Hey, you are welcome!  I'm glad there's another female in heavy armor to
 play with!  (Doesn't make me feel so....alone!)
 (who's left arm thinks Jean Paul needs a lighter shield for sure....)
 At 08:34 AM 3/30/2000 -0500, you wrote:
 >Thanks to Merrik, Rowan, Ian, Jean Paul, Thorgim, Veggan, Etetin (sp) & all 
 >others who helped me suit up the first time to fight Heavy.  It was a lot a 
 >fun, especially since they let me be the beater instead of the beatie.  
 >I can move my shoulders again, I am sure I will do another run. <grin>

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