NK - Cloak fabric for sale

Nunya Business serveme at hotmail.com
Tue May 30 18:50:15 PDT 2000

To any interested party:

I have available some fabric excellent for the making of cloaks.

7 yards black wool-blend (in two pieces, but sewn together for a lining, it 
would be nearly invisible)

7 yards tan wide-wale corduroy

7 yards blue pin-wale corduroy

Each length is sufficient to make a full-circle cloak with hood.  It will 
make a floor length cloak for someone 5'7".

Will take $25 for each length of fabric.  (That's less than $4 per yard!)

Please contact Lady Eleanor (DJ Chezem) at this address 
(serveme at hotmail.com) with the subject line "fabric", or call 834-3235 & 
leave a message.

Sorry...cash only.

-Lady Eleanor
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