ANST-Announce - Greetings to Ansteorran Scribes!

Lee Lemons lalemons at
Tue May 30 19:13:16 PDT 2000

> Greetings unto Ansteorran scribes from Baroness Curstaidh Magorlick, Star
> Signet!
> First of all, I would like to thank all the scribes, new and expeienced, who
> stopped by to paint at Steppes Warlord!  We had two wonderful days of charter
> painting with approximately 30 participants per day staying for, sometimes,
> hours to paint or learn about charter painting.  I was so impressed by the
> enthusiasm shown by all!
> We also had a brief scribal meeting to discuss how to get and turn in charters,
> materials a beginner scribe should think about getting, and what a Regional
> Scribe's position entails so that new scribes would have a better understanding
> of the scribal community beyond their local scribal group.  Next, Mistress
> Aslyn spent a few minutes talking about her upcoming position of teaching
> original scroll creation and answering questions about the position.
> Unfortunately, due to my lack of communication as to which day the meeting was
> to be, Mistress Serena was not able to join our meeting to talk about her
> upcoming pigment class at Known World Heraldic Symposium.  If you are able to
> make it to her class, I think you will find it to be extremely interesting!
> Also, after years of absolutely wonderful service and dedication to her
> Northern Region Scribal position, Mistress Anastacia Marie Travarra is stepping
> down from her office.  A terrific mentor to several scribes and a wonderful
> teacher to countless others, she will be greatly missed!  However, she has
> reassured me that she'll still keep her hand in the scribal arts!

> Taking her place will be Mistress Gunhilda Amberstar, well known in the scribal
> circle and quite an enthusiastic scribe!

> Her information, which will soon be found in the back of the Black Star, is as
> follows:
> Baroness Gunhilda Amberstar
> (aka Leslie Miller)
> 706 S. Adams
> Stillwater, OK  74074
> Phone: (405) 624-8944 (leave message)
> Email: miller at

> I would also like to announce at this time that I will be stepping down as Star
> Signet in August.  If you are interested in the position, please send your
> application to both Lord Star and myself.
> In service to the Dream,
> Baroness Curstaidh Magorlick
> Star Signet

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