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Marc Carlson marc-carlson at utulsa.edu
Thu May 4 11:37:30 PDT 2000

At 10:42 AM 5/4/00 -0500, Maidenhair wrote:
>anyone have some interenet references for mystical orders of the middle ages?

Yes, as well as some really nice references that are on paper (and probably
more reliable).

>i am looking for orders that were for women only and not christian based.
>not benedictian sisters or rosacrusia.

Please, this is really trying to be as nice as possible about this, but don't
hold your breath.  There might be some Bhuddist sects, but even the Sufis were
mixed gender when they weren't just for men.  If you want something other
the monotheists, the level of provability takes a major nose-dive.  Pretty
after the decline of the Isis and Magna Mater cults, the women's pagan mystery
cult pickings appear to dry up pretty solidly.  There are a couple of people 
tried in Milan in the 1390s for allegedly having midnight dances to
"Erodiade" and maybe "Diana", but that's it.

If you find anything other than that, *please* let me know about it, 'cause
*I* want to kow more about it.
BTW, it's not THAT quiet - some of us are busy battling a major e-Vbug zipping
around today ...

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